The 2nd Annual Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby took place once again in
conjunction with the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival, hosted by the East Kensington Neighbors Association.
The derby, which took place the afternoon of Saturday, May 17th, was a
celebration of art and human-powered transit, pitting sculptures
against one another along a three-mile urban course. Sculptures weren't
the only thing on parade that day though - the Kinetic Sculpture Derby
is an economic development initiative to showcase some of our new local
businesses - our businesses on parade!

And the winners are......

Best Art - "Octu Vishnu" - Marta Bartholomew & Co.

photo courtesy of Philly Bike Coalition

Best Costumes - "Stop Marshing My Mallow" -
Luke Elrath & Co.

photo courtesy of Karl Seifert

Best Breakdown - Tyson Tarbell sponsored by Philadelphia Brewing Company

photo courtesy of Inna Spivakova

Best Engineering - "The Mystery Machine" -
Ross Megargal & Co.

photo courtesy of Inna Spivakova

People's Choice Award - "Shad Run" by Paul Filanowski

photo courtesy of Inna Spivakova

Second to Last Award - "There Is No Spoon" -
The Bike Church

photo courtesy of Neil Kohl

Other great entries included..........

"The Liberty Rocket"
Kevin Musselman and Thea Gallis

photo courtesy of Leah Mackin

"The Skull" - Neighborhood Bike Works

photo courtesy of Mark Schoneveld

"Shark Attack" - Julianna Lose & Co.

photo courtesy of Leah Mackin

"My Magic Carpet Dream" - Team Red Bull

photo courtesy of Karl Seifert

"Green Racer X" - The Dumpster Divers

photo courtesy of
Karl Seifert

"Buzz" - Elizabeth Gregor

photo courtesy of Inna Spivakova

"Bach In The Saddle" - Matthew Yoder

photo courtesy of Leah Mackin

More photos on Flickr

Peter Baker

Leah Mackin


Poverty JetSet

Check out the Video on Vimby.com

Octu Vishnu YouTube video

MORE PHOTOS of the Big Day all by Karl Seifert

Click on the Octopus to view a slideshow

2nd to last winner-Bike Church

Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty

to Penn Treaty Park

Scooby Doo !



Green Racer stuck in the mud!

Team Spirit in Shark Attack!

Best Art Winners Octu Vishnu team

Trophy Team on stage

People's Choice Winners Trophy Time

Tall Bike in the pit

PBC Crew Best Breakdown Winners

The wheel throwing winners of Marsh my Mallow Team

wait, that's against the rules!

Red Bull Team

Terry the Mudman and crew

Trying not to get mud on my pretty dress!