Rules & Route


The 2014 Derby will take place on Saturday May 17th

at noon at Trenton Ave & Norris St in the 19125 zip code.

1.    Sculptures must be human powered. No stored energy, motors, electricity (unless it’s human generated for spectacularness and stored and used at the event) no pushing, no pulling, no walking. Towing is only allowed IF the vehicle is pulling something sculpture related.
2.    You must be able to keep up with a 3 mph minimum speed, inspectors will walk next to your vehicle, if you can’t keep up, you can’t participate.
3.    The course will traverse urban streets including inherent obstacles, a hilly and/or sandy section, cobble stones, man made obstacles, a physical challenge, and a mud pit finish- No water obstacles yet!
4.     Sculptures must be no larger than 102 inches (8' 6") wide,12 ft high, and 18 ft long and must be able to be operated legally according to Pennsylvania motor vehicle code.
5.    Sculptures must be vehicles, they must have wheels or moveable legs and be able to move forward, stop and turn. In other words, no pushing or walking type (flintstones style) sculptures are allowed.
6.    Sculptures must not pose any direct danger to anything near it, no open flame, no pointy things, also the pilot must be able to escape quickly and safely in the event that it’s necessary.
7.    Sculptures must be decorated in a recognizable theme, or unrecognizable, as long as it is glorious. The pilots and pit crew must also be in appropriate costumes.
8.    Sculptures must be able to stop safely and quickly, no sculptures that do not pass the brake safety check will be allowed to participate.
9.    All pilots must wear approved helmets, please bring your own.
10.  Sculptures must stay on course with the escorts, those that detour for any reason other than break down will be disqualified.
11.  Pilots that begin the event with a sculpture, must stay with the sculpture, no rotating.
All Participants must be sober while operating their vehicle, there will be plenty of time after the course is complete for revelry!
13. Any derby with a logo or business name will be required to pay an additional entry fee- unless they are a non-profit or are headquartered within the NKCDC service area. A chain with a location within the service area will be required to pay the extra fee.
Judging will be based on glory and glory alone, unaffected by sponsors or any other parties besides judges.
15.  Participants must follow the directions of event coordinators, volunteers, police escorts etc…
16.  In order to have FUN, we need to be SAFE!
17.  Smile and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!!

Route Description
2014 Route

View KKSD 2014 Route Map in a larger map

Route Description;
From Trenton and Norris;
-east on Norris
-southeast on Susquehanna
-west on Thompson
-south on Montgomery
-west on Girard
-north on Frankford
-northeast on Trenton
-west on Letterly
-north on Frankford
-west on Huntingdon
-southwest on Coral
-southeast on Dreer (wrong way w/ Police Escort)
-southwest on Amber (wrong way w/ Police Escort)
-east on Norris to mudpit (and glory!)
Program Guide
(download availible soon)


  • The Momentum Mag Best Engineering Award- Ingenious conquering of the rules and obstacles- AKA really nerdy stuff.

  • The Philadelphia Brewing Co. Best Art Award- Judges award the most stunning artwork-AKA lots of paper maiche!

  • The Kathryn Doherty-Chapman (our founder) Best Costume Award (for pilots and pitcrew)- Judges vote on the best dressed team.

  • The Philly in Focus People's Choice Award- Spectators get to vote for the favorite. So tell your friends to come vote! 

  • The Judge's Choice Award- The Judge's get to make up an award category for their favorite entry. This will be fun!

  • The Bob Phillips Best 1 or 2 Person Entry- The best entry that's only 1 or 2 people!

  • The Philadelphia Sculpture Gym Best Breakdown Award- The sculpture that has the most glorious breakdown.

ONLY one team can win in one category. If there is a team which is so good that they could win both the People's Choice AND another category, then a different, but glorious team will receive the other category's prize. In other words 1 team can ONLY win one prize! JUDGES will be a commitee made up of resident-volunteers who helped make the event happen, sponsors, Kinetic experts, and more. Spectators will get a chance to vote for their favorite so tell your friends to come and vote for you!

PRIZES for 2014
Prizes to be announced soon.
Last year the following excellent neighbrohood businesses who totally deserve your support have agreed to donate prizes;
Johnny Brenda's
Phila. Sculpture Gym
Habitat for Humanity ReStore
The Resource Exchange
Eastern Mountian Sports
Plume Salon
Soup Kitchen Cafe
Are you interested in donating prizes for winners?  Or perhaps sponsoring an award to be named after your business (or whatever you want to name it after)?  If so, contact
Visit our Sponsors page for more info.